Michael B. Johnston Photography | Tallahassee Portrait and Wedding Photographer

A: Wait a minute. Seriously, do they still make film? :)

A: You should expect to be contacted by Michael initially via email, and potentially subsequently by phone. This will give us an opportunity to get an idea of what you're looking for, any creative aspirations, and to answer any additional questions or details that need to be ironed out.

A: This is a simple answer, really. Wear whatever you're comfortable in. This is your shoot and should be a reflection of your own unique style! If you're booking a family session or any other where multiple people will be included, we suggest you try not to clash too badly...think stripes and plaids here!

A: You should expect to have a great time! Be prepared for a fun, unique, creative environment where anything goes...or, at least anything that you're comfortable with!

A: You should expect to receive a "sneak peek" of a few of your images posted to the Michael B. Johnston Photography blog (you'll be notified via email) where you'll have a chance to share and comment. Within two weeks of the shoot, you'll be contacted via email with a password to enter the 'Client Viewing' portal to see your final images. Soon thereafter, your high resolution negatives will be sent via mail.

A: You always have the option of shooting indoors as well; for instance, in your house. However, if that doesn't lend itself to your creative vision, Michael typically leaves his schedule flexible enough to accommodate a rescheduling of the session. Remember, we're not happy until you're happy!

A: Now you're getting down to the details! You'll typically receive 30-50 (sometimes more) carefully selected and edited images burned to a DVD accompanied by a written (.pdf format) Photographer's Release and Authorization to reprint.

A: Ahhhh, the "magic" hours! Natural light photographers typically like to schedule their sessions either in the early morning (first light) or just short of dusk as this presents the nicest, softest, most even light to shoot in. However, we can accommodate most any times that suit your schedule as long as you're prepared for the Tallahassee heat!

A: As Michael tries his best to maintain a life outside of his work, please reserve your session times as early as possible. Trust me, my wife, kids, and dog will appreciate it! :)

A: We suggest scheduling your newborn shoot as early as possible. In order to capture those newborn moments where their sleep is the most sound and they can maintain those "fetal" positions, we suggest scheduling these sessions within 7-10 days of birth.

A: In one short word: patience. Oh yeah, and an abundance of wipes just in case 'old faithful' decides to erupt. :) It's also a good idea to have the room or area that we're going to shoot in a couple of degrees warmer than usual if we intend on capturing any "nekkid baby" shots!

A: Easy! When your feet aren't swollen and you're not starving! Ok, that'll make it difficult. So, we suggest you wait to schedule your maternity shoot until at least the 35th week of gestation in order to capture your belly at its most beautifully pregnant state.

A: Michael B. Johnston Photography accepts cash, check, and credit via Paypal or in person using the "Square" mobile application. If paying by credit card, an applicable convenience fee of up to 3.5% will be applied, depending on method of payment. Unfortunately, we don't accept 3rd party, post-dated, out-of-state, starter checks. :)

A: Absolutely, with appropriate scheduling. Having said that, fees may be added in order to accommodate for additional travel expenses.

A: Well ask it already. Come on. Shoot. Bring it on! Seriously, give me a shout. Feel free to contact me via the Contact form or by phone.